Sitetracker had gone through small rebrands in its early days but maintained its original logo. As Sitetracker closed its Series C funding, we wanted to update our brand to represent our new vision and direction. As the head of the Product Design function, I worked closely with our executive team, marketing department, and an outside agency to lead are rebrand efforts.


Sitetracker originally took its name from the desire to build a system of record for telecom companies to track how they built out their physical infrastructure sites. In the five years since the company was founded, it had rapidly scaled its product to encompass site, asset, and project management. As the company closed its Series C funding, there was a desire to rebrand the company to indicate its maturity. As new leadership joined the company, there was pressure to roll out a new brand quickly, and as I built out Design as a Discipline, this was the first time the company had the muscle in-house to explore design concepts. 


As the head of Product Design, I worked closely with our new Marketing leadership to create a dual-pronged strategy to rebrand the company comprehensively. Sitetracker was not only in need of a new logo and style guide but lacked a proper mission, voice, tone, and precise market fit. Marketing spearheaded our mission, voice, tone, and market fit with an outside agency while I created a task force to provide branding concepts for the board of directors.


The re-brand task force consisted of myself, a designer on my team, a co-founder, and our VP of Marketing. We timeboxed our rebrand concepts to one week of active work, rapidly iterating through different directions and visions before bringing our agency partner in to build out the rest of the brand and website.

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