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Salesforce had realized a new focus on the customer and design-first product development. As Salesforce UX grew to face the new challenges of a more competitive design landscape, several designers within the company created several bottom-up initiatives and workgroups to help the organization grow, gaining executive buy-in along the way to reshape the organization.


Salesforce UX was a historically small organization that experienced churn before it's explosive growth. This new growth presented the organization with some challenges on how to scale its new culture, design system, and processes. The organization also faced many legacy issues; being a Sales and Customer-driven company, many of the organization's organization-wide processes were a byproduct of a highly reactive, high growth companies needs.

Roles & Solution

As a senior member of the UX organization, I networked and participated in various cross-cloud workgroups, SWAT teams, and kickstarted several initiatives to help alleviate cloud-specific as well as wide pain points.

I participated in the following workgroups:

Salesforce Core Rebrand

Marc Benioff expressed a desire for the UX org to experiment with how our Trailhead brand could be adopted as our official Salesforce brand. I was among 4 Designers who worked on exploring how this direction could be implemented within all of our products.

Lighting Design System

I actively participated in the creation of new design patterns and structure, as well as growing SLDS into a mature design system by creating more scalable guidelines with recommendations and best practices.

Stratosphere Motion Design System

I kickstarted an early exploration of how SLDS could standardize and integrate Motion Design into SLDS. I formed a SWAT team with 2 visual designers from different strategic teams.


I was a founding member of the Salesforce User Onboarding workgroup known as 1Joruney. I worked multi-disciplinary executives across the organization to renew interest in user onboarding tools and patterns while helping lay the roadmap for in-house frameworks. I co-created the architecture and best practices guide for all Salesforce user onboarding patterns using data gathered in the product.

Salesforce Essentials

Founding member of the startup team within Salesforce created to solve for the SMB, needs in the market. I worked alongside our SMB executives to craft a roadmap vision and worked with engineering to execute that vision within the legacy Salesforce codebase. 

Lighting Kinetics

Founding member of the Salesforce Lighting Kinetics workgroup that is integrating motion design into the core Salesforce Lighting Design System for all of Salesforces products.

UX Tools Council

I was a founding member of a group of designers who evaluate different tools available in the market and used at Salesforce to determine their viability as widely-adopted tools within Salesforce UX. This council provides executive leadership with detailed evaluations and recommendations for investment into tools that may improve the efficiency of the organization.

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