I'm Mohsin


I've hired and developed design teams, as well as built new products from the ground up in my roles at Samsung, Salesforce, and Sitetracker. I'm an inclusive leader who cares about my teams and provides constant feedback and mentorship to help them improve themselves and their craft. I have developed new business areas and products to meet business metrics, product goals, and user needs. I have also worked directly with internal and external executives creating alignment for new initiatives, gaining buy-in for new product areas, and rolling out new playbooks and processes to streamline teams. When building a team, I look to identify the potential in each candidate and the unique skills they would bring to the team. I aim to build a diverse team with various skills so that the sum is greater than its parts, allowing team members to learn and grow together. I'm a fan of the leadership style detailed by Simon Sinek in his books; Leaders Eat Last and The Infinite Game.  




Mohsin is a Product Design leader that you are proud to be working beside. He is an excellent partner to Product Management, working in lockstep to accelerate the product and the entire product organization. In addition to authoring and ramping the company on our design playbook, Mohsin was instrumental in the creation and adoption of our PDLC playbook that provides the guidelines and frameworks for the success of the entire Product, Engineering, and Design org. Mohsin brings the much-desired balance of both theory and practice stemming from many years of hands-on experience. Couple that with his strong empathy, deep caring, and absolute passion for design and it’s no wonder Mohsin is able to attract, build, and grow top-notch design teams! If you’re looking for an amazing coach, extremely talented designer, and all-around great human, Mohsin is your person!


Ian Ezra

Worked with Mohsin at Sitetracker

© Mohsin Amjed

© Mohsin Amjed

© Mohsin Amjed