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SalesforceIQ (formerly RelateIQ) built its business around Lead and Account based workflows. As users adopted our product the began to see a need to have one place to store and track all of their one-to-one relationships outside of a sales or business pipeline. As our platform matured, we wanted to explore how to bring in this new business segment into our product.


RelateIQ pioneered technology that automatically logged a user's emails, activities, and contacts into our CRM. This resulted in higher user adoption as it reduced the amount of work a user needed to do to adopt our product, but it also introduced the potential of hundreds of duplicate contacts within one multi-user organization. Contact Management had never been a tentpole feature and our contact gallery feature had never been updated after the first version.

The original contact gallery was a simple data dump that gave users little to no features to actually process or use their contact information. Our data showed that most of our customers had Lead lists that tired to recreate this feature but it lacked the ability to properly create a contact-based workflow natively in our product. 


We wanted to redesign the contact gallery within SalesforceIQ in a way that was intuitive and efficient for our users and provided value beyond what they could accomplish with hacked together workflows. We hypothesized that redesigning the Contact Gallery as an intuitive, customizable, quickly actionable table would make it an essential tool for users to manage contact-based workflows as opposed to the existing workflows they had created for themselves.

I drafted a set of questions and proceeded to set up group interview sessions with our Account Executives and Customer Support teams to gain further insight into the gaps that our users felt and understand the hacks they had created to fill those voids. We also organized customer calls to validate our understanding to understand how the existing features were working in the real world.

We designed and developed features that created a gallery that was discoverable, actionable, and intuitive. We measured DAU for each feature we delivered and saw an increase of 40% DAU for the overall Contact Gallery and 34% DAU for Contact Merging. We also followed up with our customers and internal stakeholders and conducted concluding interviews to measure satisfaction with the features we delivered.


I was the product leader for the multi-month tentpole project. I worked with multiple Product Managers and Scrum teams to scope, design, and deliver all of the features that went into this project. I helped to explore and define the product gaps, conduct industry, and customer research, and conducted user research on wireframes and prototypes we created to satisfy the business requirements. 

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