Bing Mobile Apps

As Microsoft renewed it's push into the mobile space, so did the need to port all of our desktop apps to our mobile platform. To do that efficiently the Design team helped code front-end to ensure our quality bar was met.


The company and our leadership placed strict deadlines on our teams to port our applications over to the mobile platform with no additional resources. This meant rebuilding our applications from the ground up on those mobile platforms while developing a design language that scaled across multiple platforms. To ensure a quality hand off the Design team decided to assist in the fit & finish of those apps with several designers resourced to coding.

We had a small team of designers who could code web technology but had to learn XAML to help our engineering partners meet our deadlines without compromising the experience our users came to expect from us.


Our Design leadership resourced one designer per app to redesign our desktop experiences for mobile. We also formed a SWAT team of engineering-oriented designers to jump into the code base and work side by side with our engineering partners to finish the last mile of the app builds. Each designer hybrid was responsible for 3 apps and worked as a bridge between their 3 mobile designers and their 3 engineering teams. 


I was one of 3 designer hybrids who assisted in implementing the designs for the Microsoft Bing Apps for Windows Phone. In addition to being responsible for the front end coding of the Travel, Food & Drink, and Finance App, I was responsible for any designs needed to successfully ship the apps. I designed screens of the app in code to minimize timelines.


All Microsoft work was contracted through Filter Digital.

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