Bing App Experience

The Microsoft App Experience team had crafted a portfolio of award-winning apps. We wanted to extend our ecosystem to include more partners. To do that, we needed to explore how our partners to leverage our existing technology to express their brand.


Our engineering partners had created an arsenal of reusable components that were the building blocks to our in-house product ecosystem. We needed to rapidly develop, pitch, and roll out a new partner strategy without re-architecting the infrastructure behind our apps.

This meant we had to approach our designs in a way that could be easily implemented by just touching the front-end code.


To be able to effectively solve this problem, I first started by understanding our current and potential partners and their brands. I wanted to understand what are the visual elements they use to craft their unique brands and begin to identify commonalities that we could standardize against. As a large portion of our constraints was engineering-related, I worked with our in-house prototyper as well as the development teams to understand how we could design solutions that met the needs of our customers while respecting our engineering partners. 

I worked with and examined the brand and web design of several of our partners and worked to develop concepts of how their brands might look within our product ecosystem. From there I cross-referenced the technology we had with the power of CSS3 to see how we could leverage the existing infrastructure while changing the appearance of our partner apps to match their brands. After doing this I worked with my engineering partners to build out solutions that satisfied the needs of our partners while minimizing the impact on our roadmap.


Lead designer and design implementor for Microsoft Bing App Partner Program. I was responsible for the final implementation of all partner apps and our white-label program. I worked with other visual designers to explore blue-sky concepts, and then took those explorations and crafted a roadmap with my Product partner and engineering teams. I worked with a distributed team of market managers to roll out our product across the globe.


All Microsoft work was contracted through Filter Digital.

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